There was a time when Islam was at its peak. During that time many great scientists and scholars had made new discoveries and led the world in the new age of Science and Research. Some of the Great minds of Islamic Golden Age are discussed here.

1. Ibn al-Haytham

Ibn al-Haytham was the mathematician, astronomer and physicist in the tenth and eleventh century AD. He was born in 965 AD in Basra, Iraq and died in 1040 AD in Cairo, Egypt.

He discovers that the light rays travel in a straight line and when it passes through our eyes, we see objects.


You probably read the book “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. If not then I will recommend you to take a break from your busy routine read the book.

The Alchemist is my one of the favorite fictional book that I have ever read. First time I read the book in 2016 when one of my cousins bought it from a college book fair. So I pick the book and start reading. So when I finish I don’t understand very much but I like the story of how the boy travels in the Sahara desert and met with so many people.

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I don’t know how to learn a new language. But I can explain how one can improve the language if he is already familiar with the language. I had studied in English Medium school and like every other school, they teach us how to read and memorize English sentences to pass the exams. However, when I grew up I realized that if I want to improve my English language then I should practice a lot. When I was in school, It was my dream to learn and understand English but I hate grammar and vocabulary.

So how…

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In Pakistan, kids grow and study hard to increase their grades to get into college and then study hard to get into university and then again improve grades and get a degree to find a job. But when they go out in the workplace they have come to know that the environment in workplaces is different then in university. Some get jobs, however, many others don’t find any job and get depressed.

In Pakistan, the rate of unemployment has been increased from 0.76 percent to 8.54 percent between 1999 and 2020.

Question is what are the factors that result in…

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As a Computer Science student, I have learned few programming languages. Some languages are very tough and require longer lines of codes however others are comparatively easy to learn and require fewer lines of codes. My favorite programming language is Python. Although I have taught C++ in the syllabus, most of the time I used python.

In this article, I explain each programming language one by one.


C++ is a general-purpose programming language. It is the extension of the C language. C++ includes object-oriented, generic and functional features.

C++ is the first language that I have learned. Although I am…

A brief overview of Data Structures

Data Structure can be defined as:

The logic or mathematical model of a particular organization of data is called a data structure

There are many examples of data structures including Arrays, Linked Lists, Stack and Queues.

In interviews questions about Data Structures and Algorithms have been asked to check how much you know about programming.

In this article I’ll briefly explain arrays and linked lists along with their run time complexity.Before explaining data structure, I’m gonna explain Big O Notation.

Big O notation

According to Wikipedia:

“Big O notation is a mathematical notation that describes the limiting behavior of a function when the…

With the rise of the internet and digital technology, writing becomes much easier than ever before. Through online platforms people write and share their ideas. In this article I am going to show you some important writing tips that help you in your writing.

1. Reading

To be a better writer, read as much as possible. Reading is a very good habit for better writing. Every writer that you found is also a reader. You can read from anywhere. Either physical books or taken from the internet. You can read according to your choice. After you read too much you have now…

Does anyone know why I choose to write when there are so many options to do like watching TV, using social media, watching movies on Netflix or doing something else. Although I have many options to do but I always pass my spare time in reading and writing. No matter how busy people are but there is still room for doing something new. Everyone spent this free time with something different. And I usually spent my free time reading and writing.

There are plenty of reasons why one should start writing. In university, students write their assignments to get grades…

Back to the Industrial Revolution, when states required factory workers that only obey what they have been taught. For this, they made factory modal schooling which trained young children to obey the authority. They only sit in the class rooms and are asked to do certain tasks or learn certain things so that when they grow up they will be fully prepared as a factory worker.

Our school system was designed on the basis of factory modal schooling. It does not encourage student’s learning. That time was over. Now it’s the 21st century. It’s the age of Internet Revolution. …

The Feynman Technique is a method of learning any concept or topic so that after you will learn, you will have full grip of the topic. And you would easily explain it to someone else.

This technique of learning was designed by American Nobel prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman. He used this technique to understand any concept that he wants to study.

The technique is consists of four easy steps. I am going to explain each step one by one.

1. Pic a topic and study it completely

First of all pick a topic that you want to understand. Start studying that topic. Read everything that you find related…

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