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According to Wikipedia:

Computer science is the study of computation and information.

deals with the software programs, and its applications. A computer scientist can be able to get jobs like Software Developer, Software Engineer, Web Developer, Computer and Information Research Scientist, Product Manager, Data Scientist and Systems Analyst.

Computer Science is further classified into subfields.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the subfield of Computer Science.

There was a time when Islam was at its peak. During that time many great scientists and scholars had made new discoveries and led the world in the new age of Science and Research. Some of the Great minds of Islamic Golden Age are discussed here.

1. Ibn al-Haytham

Ibn al-Haytham was the mathematician, astronomer and physicist in the tenth and eleventh century AD. He was born in 965 AD in and died in 1040 AD in .


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It’s been a long time since I started reading books. Reading books is the best hobby that I found in my life. Every person has a different approach to reading depends on his or her mindset, interests and taste. My approach to reading is quite different then what often people read. So here I wanna share how I read books.

Let’s get started…

No one told me to read.

I started reading on my own. I started when my cousins went to the college book fair and bought some books back in 2015. …

Have you read a book or any form of literature? It may be a story, a phrase, a line or even a single word and you think what does that line or word mean? Well, you probably thought about that line according to your existing knowledge and interpret it in your own words. You are wrong because you don’t know what exactly the writer or a speaker of the original text want to say. You ask another person and he makes a different interpretation of the same words. Then you hear and read from more sources and find out that…

Thoughts, Review and Favorite Quotes

My thoughts

The Book Thief is written by Australian writer Markus Zusak. First I watch the movie then read the novel. But as expected, the novel is better than the movie. The reason is obvious. While reading the novel, it gives you emotions and feelings that the movie does not give you. When reading a novel, I realize that the way the writer present ideas in the novel cannot be done in a movie. In the movie, many important things have been skipped and they move forward. While the novel is in more details. I always think that how the writer was…

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You probably heard the word, . Those who are born in late 80s and after that are called millennials. Last week I watched a video of Simon Sinek where he explains why the millennials generation has not effectively participate in the workforce and they get behind in society. It’s obvious that every person wants success in their life and everyone can do something great for humanity. However, when it comes to the real-world situation they failed to do so.

What are the factors that lead to their failure? According to Simon, there are four major factors that leads to…

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Pets are the animals that people often kept with them for fun and entertainment purposes. People do not own pets as working animal. They keep it as a companion. Pets are of many types. But the majority of people have cats or dogs as pets.

Some people have pets because they live alone and consider pets a better option to live with. They feel depressed and get bored while living a long time alone. So to avoid loneliness and to have a partner in your house they can adopt a pet. If you have free time then you can also…

You probably read the book by Paulo Coelho. If not then I will recommend you to take a break from your busy routine read the book.

The Alchemist is my one of the favorite fictional book that I have ever read. First time I read the book in 2016 when one of my cousins bought it from a college book fair. So I pick the book and start reading. So when I finish I don’t understand very much but I like the story of how the boy travels in the Sahara desert and met with so many people.

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I don’t know how to learn a new language. But I can explain how one can improve the language if he is already familiar with the language. I had studied in English Medium school and like every other school, they teach us how to read and memorize English sentences to pass the exams. However, when I grew up I realized that if I want to improve my English language then I should practice a lot. When I was in school, It was my dream to learn and understand English but I hate grammar and vocabulary.

So how…

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In Pakistan, kids grow and study hard to increase their grades to get into college and then study hard to get into university and then again improve grades and get a degree to find a job. But when they go out in the workplace they have come to know that the environment in workplaces is different then in university. Some get jobs, however, many others don’t find any job and get depressed.

In Pakistan, the rate of unemployment has been increased from 0.76 percent to 8.54 percent between 1999 and 2020.

Question is what are the factors that result in…

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