Millennials in the Workplace

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You probably heard the word, Millennial Generation. Those who are born in late 80s and after that are called millennials. Last week I watched a video of Simon Sinek where he explains why the millennials generation has not effectively participate in the workforce and they get behind in society. It’s obvious that every person wants success in their life and everyone can do something great for humanity. However, when it comes to the real-world situation they failed to do so.

What are the factors that lead to their failure? According to Simon, there are four major factors that leads to the failures of millennials’ life which is why they give up in their lives so early. These factors include parenting, technology, impatience and environment. Here I am gonna explain all the factors one by one.


Now the first one is parenting. When millennials are growing up they told by their parents that they are very special and they can succeed in their lives no matter how difficult it may be. But the real world when they see it, is very different as compared to what their parents have told them it is. So they get very depressed and unmotivated because they don’t know that how to deal with difficult work out there and they give up in the end.


Then comes technology. Nowadays children are growing up with a smartphone in their hands. What’s the effect of social media on the brain of a person? When someone opens Facebook, their brain releases a chemical called dopamine which makes him/her addicted to the screen. When you get like you feel good while when you will not getting response you feel depressed. This makes you feel lonely. The more time you spend on social media the more addicted you are and vice versa. And this destroys your relationships and make you feel lazy and stressed. As Simon said there should be age restrictions on Facebook and other social media sites as there are age restrictions on alcohol and drugs because they release the same chemical from the brain as Facebook did. This is how screen addiction is destroying the young generation.


And the third factor is Impatience. We live in the age of the internet. Everything is just a double click away. When we want to buy something, it arrived in 24 hours. When we want to watch a movie we can watch it on Netflix without any time limits. This is called instant gratification. You want something and get it without any delay. But this is one side of the story.

However, when it comes to a real-world situation such as jobs, learning new skills or making a good relationship with someone requires patience and hard work. But millennials generation lack patience. As a result, many university graduates end up playing video games or using social media. So it leads to depression, drop out of college and even suicide.


Finally, there’s come the Environment factor. A large number of graduates every year go to corporations that are not helping them to learn new skills and make them do their best. They are not helping them to make a balance between digital life and physical life. The millennials get stressed by the 9 to 5 everyday job and a lot of work given by the office. Instead of focusing on the long term benefits, the corporation focuses on short term benefits. So the environment they have been given by corporations is one of the leading causes why millennials will fail.


The conclusion is that we all are responsible for millennials failures. To be successful millennials need a good environment and a good parenting strategy. Parents should encourage their children to take brave steps and face the real world. Millennials should know how to land a job, how not to waste a time and the balance between physical and digital life. The most important thing is learning how to learn. Those who have developed useful skills and always be able to learn new things and unlearn old things have been successful in the market. For a better society, all of us should make efforts to make the world a better place, where the upcoming generation will suffer less and take part in productive activities.

Quote of the week

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."
Simon Sinek

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I write about Computer Science, Tech and Literature.

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Salman Maken

Salman Maken

I write about Computer Science, Tech and Literature.

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