Should everyone learn to Code?

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You probably hear that to succeed in the 21st century, one should learn to code because it’s the most important skill one should have. And the average salary of a programmer is so high.

But have you ever thought that whether or not programming is for everyone? What if you stop coding and do something else? Would you be able to succeed and achieve your goals.?

Programming is indeed an important skill and it helps a lot in building a decent career. A programmer builds apps and websites and helps people in managing their work. But what if we left programming for programmers.

As there are plenty of options that one can do and earn money and get a job with a decent salary.

Every year tens of thousands of IT students graduated from their respected universities, and many of them enter non-tech companies or end up doing something else.

The reason is while so many students entering in universities every year, many of them don’t like programming. Some came because of other people’s advice, some because of high salaries in the tech industry and some for other reasons.

At the end of the degrees they’re unable to figure out their interests in industry and due to lack of soft skills, they ended up doing something else and considered programming, not for them.

I know many compatible and skilful people every day learning to code and entering their dream career choices. And if you want to be one you can also do an IT degree or simply go to the internet where you can find plenty of resources to learn to code.

But the thing here is that we should make a difference between Programming and Computer Science.

While programming is for building websites and products and it does have lots of high paying jobs, but Computer Science on the other hand is not only about learning to code, a skill known as Problem-Solving. Many tech companies need Problem-Solvers for their companies.

So you can choose to learn whatever you want. But don’t get into the trap of someone’s opinion or that it’s a high paying skill. Always figure out your interests on your own and do make choices accordingly.




I write about Computer Science, Tech and Literature.

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Salman Maken

Salman Maken

I write about Computer Science, Tech and Literature.

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