Six Applications of Artificial Intelligence

The term Artificial Intelligence has become a hot topic in almost every industry. As computers are becoming more and more intelligent, the trends in business sectors are changing. On one hand, Artificial Intelligence creates unemployment by automating already existing jobs while on the other hand AI creates new opportunities for people and helps employees in different sectors.

Take a look at how AI make changes in different industries:

1. Space Exploration

NASA and the European Space Agency(ESA) have been using Intelligence Computers to find evidence of life outside our solar system.

With the help of intelligence machines, scientists are able to collect information around the universe such as to differentiate between spirals patterns galaxies and galaxies without spirals patterns and to take pictures of stars and black holes by using the Hubble Telescope

2. Content Creation

For example, the new system GPT-3 has been used to generate new texts and contents.

Like if you ask the computer to write an essay or a poem, it will write. But this system is not for the public yet.

It is created by the company Open AI.

Researchers are using AI and Machine Learning algorithms to generate and compose entire new fiction novels such as the Harry Potter series.

3. Transportation

Autonomous vehicles can automatically detect another vehicle and stop before hitting.

By using AI, governments are tackling traffic issues. Such as passenger safety, the flow of traffic, and accidents.

4. Healthcare

Scientists are discovering new methods for curing cancer with the help of intelligent machines.

Now, researchers are making new methods for the detection of COVID-19 cases around the world.

5. Online Shopping

Machine Learning algorithms automatically detect the person’s shopping history and send him recommendations according to his past shopping experience.

6. Online Learning

In many developed countries, students use online platforms for learning purposes.

As you know that with the coming of COVID 19, education in all Universities in the world become online. By using advanced technology, we can improve the quality of education.

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