What does Data Analyst do?

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In the field of Data Analysis their a lot of similar terms that people often confuse with each other. So to become a Data Analyst, first, you need to figure out what is the role of the Data Analyst and what you can do to become a Data Analyst.

Let’s get started!

Organize the Data

The first task of the data analyst is to organize the data.

As the term itself say “Data” and “Analysis”. So you are given a lot of Data and your task is to analyse the data.

For this, first, you have to store the data in databases.

Once you store data in a database, you now need to extract data from the database according to your requirement.

So in this way you have data organized in a format.

Clean the data

Once you organize the data in the database, now you have to clean the data that you have collected. Your task is to clean the given data because usually, customers leave some inappropriate and useless details in the document.

As the data is always messy so cleaning the data is an essential part of a data analyst role.

Now that you have clean ‘Data’ and you can now be able to use that clean data in your research.

Analyse the data

So you organize the data according to the requirements.

It is time to make an analysis of your data. But how can you do analyses on the data so that your company and its employees can understand what this data is about?

For this use features like dashboards and create visualization so that you can help your client to understand it.

Reports and Visualization

Set Data up for reports and visualization

The next thing is creating reports and visualization for your data. And you often need to create views for this setup.

Views allow several tables into one and choose a subset that you use in your reports and visualization.

Create a Visualization and Reports

You can automate the process using reports and visualization so that according to your client’s or company’s requirement you can send the data.

Also, make sure that your reports solve the defined problem and help your clients in their work.

Make People Understand the result.

Your duty does not end here. It is important to possess soft skills and communication skills to ensure your team, stakeholders and clients how this data is working and how it be helpful for your company.

So what the data analyst actually do is create a story from the data that he collects and communicate it with others.

Since it’s very important to possess these soft skills so that you can help your clients or stakeholders to take better data-driven decisions.


Remember that to be succeed as a Data Analyst you need to be able to present your data in the form of a story.

So if you always be excited about the data and ready to play a role as a Data Analyst then this job role is definitely for you. It has a lot of demand in the tech industry and you can have a decent career path in it.




I write about Computer Science, Tech and Literature.

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Salman Maken

Salman Maken

I write about Computer Science, Tech and Literature.

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