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Does anyone know why I choose to write when there are so many options to do like watching TV, using social media, watching movies on Netflix or doing something else. Although I have many options to do but I always pass my spare time in reading and writing. No matter how busy people are but there is still room for doing something new. Everyone spent this free time with something different. And I usually spent my free time reading and writing.

There are plenty of reasons why one should start writing. In university, students write their assignments to get grades which helps them to pass the exams. But no one told them why they actually had to write. They just write either by cheating someone or copy from google but no one gives his/her time to actually write something. I realized this when I started my own writing. In our society people consider writing useless or those who write have very old mindset and they are unaware of the modern world. And they considered both reading and writing is a waste of time. Some considered writing as a hobby but not as a profession.

On the internet, writing gains more importance when it becomes easier for the public to write and publish. Millions of bloggers and writers write their ideas online everyday. Some people write online for earning money while some as a hobby and some others to improve English and communication skills. When I have not started writing, I used to think about what I should do that makes me feel good and it helps me to share my ideas with others. Then I start writing. Before starting writing I have interests in many things so by writing I come to know that I can write my own research and share my ideas on any topic that I am interested in.

The most important reason why I one should try writing is that writing teaches us how to think. Yes, writing teaches us how to think. Learning how to think is very important for everyone. This is why every intellectual or thinker always encourages people to write. And this is what I hear from Canadian Psychologist and writer Jordan Peterson. As I mentioned earlier that no one teaches university students why they should write. That is why students should be taught how to write essays and other academic writings.

You see, many successful people in all fields are also readers and writers. As you see why many of the scientists and physicists have written their own books. They write because through writing they learn how to think and how to understand the universe more deeply. Some said only watching documentaries and videos are enough. It saves your lot of time reading books and articles. Yes, they may be right but these videos and documentaries cannot be made by research and hard work of great scientists.

If you want to learn something new and explain it to someone then first study the topic and write it in simple words. The topic can be of any subject. Such as mathematics or Computer Science. When you write a topic in simple English or any language that you speak then you will be better in explaining it to someone else.

In the beginning it seems that writing has been wasting your too much time. Because who spends a lot of time in writing lots of content and spends more time on editing and publishing. And in the end no one is going to read this. But actually writing saves our time. As American writer David Perell wrote:

“Writing can save you time. Publishing ideas on paper is how you create intellectual capital because writing is how you make your ideas permanent. Words on paper are the closest thing we have to time travel. Once you write something down, you can remix and reuse the ideas for the rest of your life.”

Conclusion is, no matter which field you choose, you should develop the habit of writing. Writing is one of the most important thing that make your communicational skills better and makes you successful in professional life.

Also read my first blog where I explain how I started writing.




I write about Computer Science, Tech and Literature.

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Salman Maken

Salman Maken

I write about Computer Science, Tech and Literature.

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